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You get what you pay for: A guide to good design

Design is essential. It represents your business, your brand, your product. Ask yourself ‘what will good design bring to your business?’ An obvious answer is growth.  The world today is over-saturated with designers, the internet makes it easy for a new beginner to dive right in and design using freeware software and a little knowledge. Then there is the freelance jungle, forever competing over each other for work and new projects. So why should you decide to choose an experienced studio over an eager freelancer offering you your project design at a fraction of the cost? We believe you pay for what you get in this industry, and we come across this situation far more often than you would imagine.

We recently ran into this scenario with a website project here in Thailand. The client needed for a new website refresh, selected an in-experienced designer who stated he had excessive knowledge and past experience, and would build what they wanted. 8 weeks passed and the site was nowhere near the expectation promised. They found out the designer was just a backpacker here looking to fund his visa extension in Thailand, and so offered the project for a super low rate. This scenario happens over and over again. The result means the client loses money, has valuable time wasted, and has to search again for a reputable company to take over. It is a waste of everybody’s time, not only causing loss for the client, but also tarnishing the talented individuals of this industry. Needless to say, we picked up the pieces and completed the website rebrand, the client was extremely happy with our service and even stated ‘we were a breath of fresh air‘ to work with on that particular project.



We offer a range of design services, with a design team consisting of Native English speakers and Thai nationals. We are specialists in Bangkok business card printing.


We can provide web design, micro-sites, eCommerce sites or just visual design. Review our Big Button TV project for an example.


We offer a range of package design and label layout services, we recently produced a full range of new ProFlex Whey self-serve labels for Power Corporation, Bangkok.

We know the need for printing your finished artwork is essential to your whole marketing project, that is why we work alongside Siam Printing Solutions to deliver you an all round package, providing you a one-stop service for your design and printing needs.

Contact us today to get your cards up and running!