ProFlex Whey Website

ProFlex Whey continue their ongoing working relationship with our studio to create a brand new website for their range of products.

The company currently offer a series of Whey products targeting a varied audience, they wanted a website that would be home to all their products. The site needed to represent each product accordingly to their target market and so each page was required to be designed around a specific theme to highlight that product. Each product also needed specific data related to them, such as their ingredient list and serving suggestions, this proved challenging as there was a lot of information related to each individual product and so containing it all neatly needed careful planning. We decided to set out and use tabbed tables, this way the information displayed wouldn’t distract users from the flow of the site, and instead only display what they wish to see piece-by-piece.

The website also contained a lot of animated sliders which we creatively constructed to showcase their product range and themes.

The site was a successful hit, and it currently being promoted throughout Thailand. The website has received some positive feedback among clients and customers alike.

If you require a website refresh, please contact us today for further details.


Web Design Bankok

Buto are a UK ‘video CMS’ company. They help enterprises engage, retain and build their audiences using online video. They deliver content inside a companies organisation, and allow users to take real control of how their video is presented and measured, Buto make it easy using their very own video-on-demand SaaS platform. Their clients include international firms with thousands of employees inc. DC THOMSON and AMEC FOSTER WHEELER. were in need of a new website refresh, they wanted a site that could visually demand a users engagement so we advised to design a one-page website that would focus on their services, video plaftorm services and feature a ‘trial platform page’. The interaction with the site was smooth, allowing vertical scrolling with the nav remaining visible at all times. Their video showcase section opened up over the top of the site, keeping users on the same page and never needing to leave the website or face page changes. We integrated an opening video loop with a focused Call to Action feature directing new users to a trial. were extremely pleased with their finished product, and launched it with great success. They received positive feedback from both existing and new client. If you want to see how we can help you create a website and move your business forward, contact us today.


First Select-Asia are a financial investment company offering a range of investment services to expat private and individual investors.  They are located in Asia, with a firm stronghold in Thailand.

The company approached The Soot Yard Design Studio to refresh the look of their site and bring immediate attention to their range of services. We mocked up a clean visual theme, with graphics to represent a corporate and serious business.

The site had positive feedback, and has helped them attain more clientele as a result. The general theme of the site helps to suggest to potential clients their money is in safe hands with a company that can model a serious website.


Big Button

Big Button media is a UK Top 50 video production agency that specialise in creating stylish, award-winning films that move audiences, change behaviours, and deliver a fresh approach. They work with major high-profile brands, including Tesco, Game and the London Olympics.

After searching for a top-end agency to refresh their outdated website, they arrived at The Soot Yard Design Studio – we took care of the rest. We challenged ourselves to deliver a snappy site with creative appeal, but to think of user experience first and foremost. We created a one-page scrolling site, that would open to a powerful full-video presentation of their choice. The site also needed to integrate a section that would showcase their complete portfolio of video production work, which we sat nicely within the infinite scroll. The whole site was built in a CMS giving their team the flexibility to update new material when they needed.

Big Button were extremely happy with their refreshed website, and continue to receive positive feedback with it. They were that impressed they asked us to produce a second website for their sister company:

Singular Soul

Singular Soul is small business located in Thailand, they provide spiritual readings and life-coaching to individuals and corporate businesses internationally.

The company were looking to expand their reach, and agreed a new website was in need. They approached The Soot Yard Design Studio with a breif, to which we explored various options on how we could re-ignite their website. We mocked up visuals to focus on key words including Enlightenment and individual growth, and spiritual awareness. We used striking visuals to guide users along the page, keeping text to a minimum. The site also contained PayPal integration so users could easily purchase a reading direct from the page.

The end result was a great success, and the company is seeing significant growth as a result. To see how we can help you with your website project, contact us today.

Expat UK TV – Asia

Expat UK TV Asia is a leading IPTV service within South-East Asia. After having an outdated site for too long they approached us to create a fully functional eCommerce store which would allow an easier process for sales.

We designed a nice site front, showcasing their service and why they are a leading provider of channel streaming. The core feature of their site was a web store which sold individual packages and various accessories. Expat UK TV Asia wanted to keep track of reporting and update products on a regular basis so we included store analytics functions in order to provide them a better insight into their store.

The company needed further marketing materials in order to better expand their brand. We designed them a Tri-Fold brochure which captivated their service and product advantages.

The campaign was a huge success, and their site is receiving orders on a regular basis from many countries within South-East Asia.

If you have a service or product you would like to sell online, find out how The Soot Yard Design Studio can help you progress and contact us today.


Wang Burapa Garden

Wang Burapa Garden is an extraordinary orchard that produces the fruit best known to the Isan district.
The garden thrives during peak season; cultivating dragon fruit, pineapple, coconut, mulberries and grapes; with poultry as a successful new addition to the ever-expanding enterprise.

The Soot Yard Design Studio helped produce a micro website, complete with their own news blog for easy updating. The main feature was a promotional slider on home page with a featured photo gallery to show off their garden growth and the central house.


Cristan Perugia

Cristan Perugia sell premium shoes across Asia and Australia. Well established in the fashion industry, they provide modern and beautiful shoes for both Men and Women as well as Accessories.

Cristan Perugia needed a better solution to their old website, they wanted an eCommerce store that would allow easy expansion. We helped provide an answer with a CMS (custom management system) website, allowing them easy access to an admin back-end to which they could easily update products, change settings and edit pricing.

The design of the site contains a flat monochrome colour scheme with minimal clutter, with a grid base for the stores products.

Food Plan Asia

Food Plan Asia own the sole rights to sell their exclusive food diet program in Thailand. The program consists of matching your current eating habits and focusing on delivering the client a new diet that is tailored to provide the nutrients and vitamins of what is missing in each indivudual.

Food Plan needed a logo and a website to promote their product. We designed a fresh, healthy looking logo using fruit, and matched a clean green scheme to represent this fresh feeling. The website was custom made and provided an insight into the product with plans available for purchasing through the site.


Health Store Asia

Health Store Asia is a large business located in Thailand specialists in selling  healthy supplements and lifestyle products.

They approached SPS Design Studio as they needed a full service from brand identity to a finished website.

They were in need of a better solution to their online presence. They were only selling from a few social media feeds and needed to expand their awareness. 

We designed and built them a fully functional eCommerce store that would allow them to manage and update the store products with ease through the use of a CMS (content management system).