Health Solutions Asia

Health Solutions Asia are formed as a mother company to various sub-health and lifestyle businesses. They are focused on providing solutions for healthy lifestyles and dietary programs over Asia.

They approached The Soot Yard Design Studio for a full service, including logo, brand packaging, website and brochure materials.

We developed a full package for them, and branded their company to represent the premium healthy lifestyle sector they were so passionate about.



Ludacious are a clothing brand formed in Singapore and selling internationally. They are focused on providing garments for women only and for plus sizes.

We believe the quote that every woman is beautiful, inner beauty that is.  – Audacious

They formed with no brand or logo, and approached us at The Soot Yard Design studio to create one. We developed a flow of designs to represent women’s beauty with soft colours of red and bold and brave typography.

The clothing brand is well recognised in Singapore and is operating a busy online store daily.


IAM SEW HIP are a small business start-up based in Bangkok. The company was formed by a talented fashion designer who wanted to form her own brand for creating her garments and selling to the public.

We were approached to develop a fresh and funky logo that still needed to stay clean and clinical. The I AM SEW HIP logo needed to suit high-industry fashion trends and represent a young, vibrant crowd.

We used various typography and colour schemes to create a modern feel and matched the typefaces with symbols of tapestry and fashion. In the end we settled on a chunky font with thread lines forming the text, we used small thread scissors to break up the font which allowed for a playful addition to the brand.

The Waiter Button

The Waiter Button ‘Press for Success’ are a start-up company that has patented a restaurant button that links directly with the front of house kitchen staff. This enables customers to easily attract the waiters attention and also call for their bill without needing to catch their eye.

They wanted to ship the buttons in packs of ten, so we needed to develop a packaging box and design to handle this custom fit. We designed it from the ground up, with the inner foam packaging being dye-cut for exact measurements.

The box was designed to be flat matte black, with the white logo laminated in a gloss UV layer to add a luxurious touch to the product package.


Welsel Coffee

Welsel imported and sold Vietnamese coffee across Asia. They needed a brand and colour scheme along with all stationary materials and product packaging designs.

We were approached to handle the job so started with creating a logo that represented good, strong, smooth coffee using a nice colour scheme of browns, greens and white.

Welsel are a major distributor of coffee and our logo can now be easily recognised on batches of their coffee supply.

Blueraksh International

Blueraksh International are a newly formed consulting firm for the humanitarian sector. With a base in Dubai, they are focused on providing services worldwide such as:

Organisational Assessments, Strategic Planning, Policy review / development and Emergency preparedness.

They needed a logo to identify their brand, and all stationary materials to match their new brand. We developed a series of logos based on their company fact sheet, and finally settled on the current one representing peace by a human chain. Blueraksh wanted to show they were an approachable company accessible to all, so colours were a heavy part of this branding.

Kimlao Massage

Kimlao Massage are a new massage and spa business operating in France. The founders of this exclusive spa were in Thailand for inspiration, and after meeting The Soot Yard Design Studio for an initial visit, we were used to design their new promotional materials and company brochures.

We took inspiration from Thai tradition and incorporated these patterns into their printed materials, we used a variation of a gold/white colour scheme and a nice type-face to represent relaxation.

Cristan Perugia

Cristan Perugia sell premium shoes across Asia and Australia. Well established in the fashion industry, they provide modern and beautiful shoes for both Men and Women as well as Accessories.

Cristan Perugia needed a better solution to their old website, they wanted an eCommerce store that would allow easy expansion. We helped provide an answer with a CMS (custom management system) website, allowing them easy access to an admin back-end to which they could easily update products, change settings and edit pricing.

The design of the site contains a flat monochrome colour scheme with minimal clutter, with a grid base for the stores products.

Studio 7

Studio 7 are a company specialised in Structural Design, architecture, planning and interior design. They are located in both Bangladesh and Bangkok.

Studio 7 needed logo work and all stationary materials, we developed their brand with the use of slick typography, monochrome colours and watermarked elements.



Food Plan Asia

Food Plan Asia own the sole rights to sell their exclusive food diet program in Thailand. The program consists of matching your current eating habits and focusing on delivering the client a new diet that is tailored to provide the nutrients and vitamins of what is missing in each indivudual.

Food Plan needed a logo and a website to promote their product. We designed a fresh, healthy looking logo using fruit, and matched a clean green scheme to represent this fresh feeling. The website was custom made and provided an insight into the product with plans available for purchasing through the site.