London Sales Seasonal Bags

London Sales are a large company based within Asia selling premium cosmetics and skincare. The brand stocks products within the high-end malls and department stores.

They challenged us to create some seasonal bags for customers, to add a personal touch to the festive celebrations of Chinese New Year and Christmas.

The visuals needed to represent colours typical to each celebration and signify traditional elements. The bags were very popular and received very positive feedback from customers, and we have been told they will run for print production each year.

All our artwork conformed to print-ready standards as we designed a flat layout to which our printers could easily assemble the bags.

Actochem Bangkok

Actochem Bangkok is a partner business within the UGA group. Their company involves Activating Clay which includes the refining and de-colorisation of vegetable oils.

Actochem Bangkok needed a high quality presentation folder to better assist in selling their products. We designed the cover to include the variety of services they offer and the information section in the centre to highlight their core values.

The design received a lot of positive feedback and their business generated a lot of future work from our beautifully presented brochure.

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Vivo Coaching

Vivo Coaching help empower and encourage leaders and business managers across Asia. They provide executive coaching to help companies and individuals unlock their full potential.

The company needed a new brochure designed to focus around one of their new leadership courses. The brochure had to be visually aesthetic and make use of vibrant visuals to help reduce bland text paragraphs. The brochure maintained their core brand elements and stayed consistent with colour profiles and corporate visuals.

The completed brochure was used to target corporate businesses and leaders as a sales product for their newly developed leadership course. The finished printed copies were equally as impressive containing UV spot varnishes and a nice thick paper stock which set a great first impression.

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United Global Agencies

United Global Agencies were in need of a high quality design for a new presentation folder to assist on their client visits. Their business involved the processing and delivery of dairy products

We designed the brochure around their core business values, promoting the operational practice from factory to delivery on the front cover.

The folder contained spot UV varnishes to give it a more luxurious finish, we opted to design the folder in a fresh colour palette that represented healthy goodness. The design was a huge success and we later received a follow up project to design a new presentation folder for their partner businesses.

Sukhumvit Suites Bangkok

Sukhumvit Suites Bangkok is a modern boutique hotel and bar located in the heart of Bangkok. They approached our studio to design them a brand new presentation folder with supplementary promotional sheets to support their services.

We gave the Sukhumvit Suites a luxurious, classic theme and incorporated their black and white brand scheme heavily throughout. The folders had areas of spot UV varnish which helped boost its appearance and provided a beautiful finish.

Cozy Place Bangkok

Cozy place Bangkok is a small boutique hotel in a busy hotspot of Bangkok.

We challenged ourselves to create a new brand Identity for them and offer a full presentation of media. The brand was a fun and interesting project, influenced by hedonistic thought and a relaxed atmosphere the perfect logo was formed to represent them.

We offered a range of stationary, books and hand-out leaflets to fulfil an all-round design package.




Hansaah Guesthouse Bangkok

business card design bangkok

Hansaah guesthouse Bangkok is a small B&B located in a thriving hotspot in the middle of Bangkok, close to Lumphini Park.

We challenged ourselves to create a new brand Identity for based on their slogan ‘a haven of rest in the middle of buzzing Bangkok’.

The guesthouse is small but very modern and clean. The Soot Yard Design Studio felt the need to use a modern typeface with hard edges to portray a clean and clinical guesthouse, which represented a chic and modern clientele in a vibrant Bangkok.

Food for thought thailand

Food for Thought Thailand is a new business venture aimed at delivering fresh food and goods daily to the residents in Bangkok. Their long term plan is to expand this service into regions all over Thailand.

They appointed The Soot Yard Design Studio to define and create a brand for their delivery business, and produce ideas for various packaging and marketing materials.

We worked closely with the company owner to form a design that was modern, clean and playful. Their aim was to have their logos printed on the many delivery vans throughout Bangkok, making their brand easily recognisable.

They opted to make use of the acronyms ‘FfT’ to help represent the brand within their logo.

To operate the business they needed a fully functional eCommerce website capable of handling the fresh food orders daily. We understood their concept and came up with a responsive website using their brand colours to create a CMS website. (website currently under construction)

Gold Bullion Company

Gold Bullion Company are a new gold brokerage business located in Chit Lom, Bangkok. They approached us to help create their complete brand identity and produce a logo, stationary, packaging and brochure materials.

We offered them a full service, first creating their logo. Once we had this brand we created the rest of their work. Their office represented pure luxury, and the use of gold throughout. We needed to bring this feeling and experience across to their brand so we produced an identity that was clean, professional and iconic.

Our file folder we produced was finished with spot UV laminates and flashes of gold foiling, this formed an exclusive folder than customer would feel represented the value of their gold investments.

Maselli Asia

Maselli Asia were established in 2005 under their parent company which was founded in 1948. Maselli Asia we specialise in sales and service of Process Analytical Instrumentation and Inspection Systems worldwide.

The Soot Yard Design Studio were appointed to design a product magazine and other exhibition marketing products such as roll-up banners.

The Maselli Asia product magazine featured new products and a company profile, we produced a clean and clinical layout to showcase each product clearly. Using brand elements and colour schemes we also produced roll-up banners to help promote their new products across Asia.