Proflex Diva 2016 Range

Proflex Diva is a flagship product from the team behind ProFlex Whey – a highly regarded whey product being sold across Thailand.

The company are currently expanding their product range, and required additional flavours to their set. The diva range markets itself solely to health conscious women, with the aim of improving their diet and fitness regime. We developed both a Kiwi and Matcha Green Tea flavour to their 2016 product range.

The designs featured colour schemes to match the flavours and aesthetics that lent itself to the flavour. The product is currently selling within stores across Thailand and through online portals such as Lazada and Ensogo.

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London Sales Seasonal Bags

London Sales are a large company based within Asia selling premium cosmetics and skincare. The brand stocks products within the high-end malls and department stores.

They challenged us to create some seasonal bags for customers, to add a personal touch to the festive celebrations of Chinese New Year and Christmas.

The visuals needed to represent colours typical to each celebration and signify traditional elements. The bags were very popular and received very positive feedback from customers, and we have been told they will run for print production each year.

All our artwork conformed to print-ready standards as we designed a flat layout to which our printers could easily assemble the bags.


Complete Story sell premium Korean cosmetic products throughout Asia. They approached The Soot Yard Design Studio to design and brand a new facial range they were due to launch in 2015.

The company wanted a clean display, using white space and pink tones. We incorporated the idea of using the tree with leaves to represent their many products, allowing the colour of the tree and leaves to change with each range or set of products. The outer packaging was also designed and mocked up by us. We incorporated the tree symbol into this also and reversed colours slightly for more impact and to draw attention when on shelves.

The company have since launched their product range, and are continuing to work with us to develop a new and exciting series for their 2016 launch.


Dos Hombres are a cigar brand located in Asia, with their primary market being in Thailand. They stock their cigar range in premium stores and smoking clubs such as the popular bar ‘Whisgars Bangkok’.

The company wanted some cigar label designs for both the head and base of their product. We took on the brief to create a range of labels that represented their brand, using solid blacks, greys and whites with subtle backdrops. The designs were simple in nature and creation, but powerful in their visual effect and suited highly to their target market.

The company have since produced their premium cigars using the new labels and are now being sold nationwide.

ProFlex Single-Serve Labels

ProFlex Whey Thailand recently launched ‘single-serve’ taster samples of their full Whey product range across stores in Thailand. Their current 5lb tubs may be too large of volume to purchase in one go to the average fitness athlete, so to allow the customers a taster to their Whey shakes, they launched these bottles nationwide. They once again used our services to design and produce the bottle labels for displaying their new concept.

We had to work on and tweak existing designs so that we could fit in the most important information of the product within such a small area. Visuals were key in attracting the customer to purchase these small sample bottles, we focused on large bold text and vibrant colours to make them stand out among the larger tubs.

The bottles were launched successfully and as a result ProFlex has noted higher sales growth within their whole product range.

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ProFlex Gold Gift Set

ProFlex Gold launched their new product Whey protein across Thailand in 2015 with great success. The branding of the tubs were also created by us at The Soot Yard Design Studio. To compliment their product they decided to roll out gift boxes accompanied by promotional leaflets.

The box needed a custom packaging design and dye cut, we used our experience and talented team to mock up the product package first with flat card. This allowed us to assemble the mock into a real carry box to test its strength, size and unique look. The product was beautfully designed and it came together perfectly. The locked panels of the bottom enabled the box to securely hold the heavy tub inside. We integrated a window panel to the sides of the box to allow the product visible space.

We also created A5 fliers to accompany the boxes and offer support with promoting the newly marketed products.

The completed designs were created with print production in mind, and like all of our design work – we made sure it was all setup correctly for print. The print production and final mass-box assembly of the product was handled by our sister company Siam Printing Solutions.

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Proflex Gold Thailand

ProFex Gold Thailand is a brand new product launching in Asia that will aim to target the senior citizen market.

We were challenged to design a large tub label, that will be visible in store and available for purchasing. The label needed to attract seniors and represent healthy living and active lifestyles.

The design received a lot of positive feedback and the product is a top seller within its sector.

Versapers Juice

Versapers are a new international juicing brand. They will sell home made juices in a variety of flavours from their home town of Holland all over Europe.

Versapers needed a custom box designed which would allow 6 bottles of juice to be held in one box crate. The crate would also have a side attachment box with 24 bottle caps and labels in allowing customers to custom buy their own juices.

The project was very challenging as we had to utilise our experience of product design which had to stay practical and work safely, whilst keeping a modern, creative theme to the brand.

We formed a variety of dye-cut designs and finally created a crate which was flat-packed and could be opened out to form the carry-case containing all the bottles. With the side attachment we constructed a way of attaching it using 2 latches which would hook over the end of the crate. The project required a lot of trial and error working alongside the print house to make sure it was a lasting and well constructed product box able to handle its job efficiently.

ProFlex HULK Mass Gainer

ProFlex are a part of Power Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and they are one of Thailand’s leading companies specialising in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of health and sports-related dietary supplements.

Power Corp needed a new design for a new mass gaining product. The product was finally named ‘HULK’ and we were tasked with creating a label for the product tub which needed to incorporate a strong and edgy design with playful, bold typography. The theme we designed had to make it a standalone product on the shelf when being compared to its competitors.

The product itself had both chocolate and vanilla flavoured whey ingredients so we had to design alternative labels to match them flavours.

Today, “ProFlex” is one of the select few brands that dominate the Health Supplement industry in Thailand. “ProFlex” has continually set the standards for excellence in both product performance and consumer satisfaction.

Umai Sweetened Condensed Creamer

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Double Dee Co., Ltd. is a conglomerate of fast growing customer focused companies.

Double Dee contacted SPS Design Studio to help brand a new product they recently launched in Vietnam. The product is a Sweetened Condensed non-dairy Creamer and our brief was to focus on Japanese influenced design with a modern presentation. We were also trusted with the task to brainstorm suitable name choices for the product.

We came up with the name Umai Sweetened Condensed Creamer and designed a variety of visuals that represented a Japanese theme with the use of Mount Fuji, Bonsai trees and cherry blossom trees. The colours we opted for was a gold/creme and green base making way for a very clean and warm feeling associated with the brand.

The product was a fantastic success, and is now sitting in supermarkets all over Vietnam available for purchase.