Bangkok Burger Co. operate a chain of premium burger restaurants within Thailand’s capital. They set themselves apart from other Burger joints by housing themselves in upper market locations such as the luxurious Paragon mall and the trendy Sathorn area.

The company were going through expansion, and required updated menu designs and a layout to accommodate their increasing food and drink items. They wanted to reduce the current size to just a standalone 2 page format, including English and Thai text. We challenged ourselves to layout the menu in a simplified way while sticking to the brands clean and clinical theme. We organised the sections to be boxed in, and stand out to showcase their crafted burger items. We incorporated their brand theme, using clean backdrop with darker tones above, and included typography styles that matched their style of stamped text.

Once the menu was approved, we fully managed all of the print production ourselves. We advised for a print on a high quality paper stock, which aided to complete a premium feel and identity of the product. All menus were delivered and are now being used daily within their restaurants.

If you require a menu design, please contact us today for further details.


Jones & Mowlem is a top rated seafood bar inspired by the Billingsgate Market of England. The restarante is located in the luxury Em Quartier mall in Phom Prong, Bangkok. The company approached The Soot Yard Design Studio to create a new-look menu that represented their authentic seafood and energised atmosphere.

The menu contained a lot of food photographs, showcasing their wonderful dishes with minimal text other than titles and pricing. Our focus was to keep page spreads visually appealing, utilising larger here shots of specific dishes related to each category.

The menu is currently being used across all their branches, and we are continuing to develop further projects for the brand.


Limoncello Trifold Brochure

Limoncello is considered one of the best Italian eateries in Bangkok, the vibrant restaurant has won a string of awards yearly, it offers a range of Italian cuisine from pizza to pastas. They approached us to create a range of stationary products including a hand-out trifold brochure for customers.

The trifold listed all the key dishes, and explained a history and introduction of the company. The colours used represented a classic tone, while using scripted fonts portrayed an elegant touch to the trifold.

The restaurant continues to use us for new projects and tasks us with creating various materials for their ever-growing brand and restaurants.


Thailand Property Magazine are one of the leading online hubs for buying and renting Thailand Property real estate.

We were approached to take care of their first ever magazine publication. We were challenged to bring our creativity and layout skills to create a large 100 page magazine complete with custom content, agency listings and advertorials.

The launch was a great success and we now handle this project on a 3 month basis, generating future issues.

Maselli Asia

Maselli Asia were established in 2005 under their parent company which was founded in 1948. Maselli Asia we specialise in sales and service of Process Analytical Instrumentation and Inspection Systems worldwide.

The Soot Yard Design Studio were appointed to design a product magazine and other exhibition marketing products such as roll-up banners.

The Maselli Asia product magazine featured new products and a company profile, we produced a clean and clinical layout to showcase each product clearly. Using brand elements and colour schemes we also produced roll-up banners to help promote their new products across Asia.



Ludacious are a clothing brand formed in Singapore and selling internationally. They are focused on providing garments for women only and for plus sizes.

We believe the quote that every woman is beautiful, inner beauty that is.  – Audacious

They formed with no brand or logo, and approached us at The Soot Yard Design studio to create one. We developed a flow of designs to represent women’s beauty with soft colours of red and bold and brave typography.

The clothing brand is well recognised in Singapore and is operating a busy online store daily.

Nana Group

Nana Group are a large company providing services to the entertainment in Bangkok. They manage a collection of bars and restaurants including The Game Bar, Nana Beer Garden, Monster Ink and the Voodoo bar.

They provide the same menu across multiple venues and wanted a generic menu to be used in all of them – but be branded individually to suit each respective venue.

We designed each menu to match the venue’s colour scheme, and arranged the price listings to suit the brand. What we ended up with was a beautifully finished menu that was easy to read and recognised across multiple venues, but still branded individually.