The Gardens Restaurant Brochure

The Gardens is a serene dining experience situated on the historic lands of The Dinsor Palace in the heart of Bangkok.

The company came to The Soot Yard Design Studio to help create them some new marketing materials in the form of a trifold brochure. The brochure helped convey the company’s historical venue and give customers an insight into the food menu and drinks on offer. We designed the artwork to consistently match their elegant theme using their color palette and typography.

Images were used effectively to compliment the text layout throughout, which helped bring together a very stylish brochure for print. We continue to work with The Gardens with designing new materials to help promote their expanding establishment.

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Bangkok Burger Co. operate a chain of premium burger restaurants within Thailand’s capital. They set themselves apart from other Burger joints by housing themselves in upper market locations such as the luxurious Paragon mall and the trendy Sathorn area.

The company were going through expansion, and required updated menu designs and a layout to accommodate their increasing food and drink items. They wanted to reduce the current size to just a standalone 2 page format, including English and Thai text. We challenged ourselves to layout the menu in a simplified way while sticking to the brands clean and clinical theme. We organised the sections to be boxed in, and stand out to showcase their crafted burger items. We incorporated their brand theme, using clean backdrop with darker tones above, and included typography styles that matched their style of stamped text.

Once the menu was approved, we fully managed all of the print production ourselves. We advised for a print on a high quality paper stock, which aided to complete a premium feel and identity of the product. All menus were delivered and are now being used daily within their restaurants.

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Building Blocs produce and distribute a wall panel for construction that reduces any need for mainstream brick builds. The panels are lighter, stronger and faster to construct.

The company were in need of a brochure to promote their product across an international market, the brochure had to include a clean and modern layout using key images to express the benefits of the product. The target was to reach out to premium clientele that would benefit from importing their wall panels and utilising them on a daily basis.

We incorporated their brand theme, using green tones and typography styles that suited bold header titles with easy-to-read body copy. The clean white, cream and green themes produced a nice blend of modern design with spacious page layouts.  Once the brochure was approved, we managed all of the print production. We advised for a print on a high quality paper stock, which aided to complete a premium feel and identity of the product.

The company are using the brochures in multiple trade fares and exhibitions throughout Asia to great success.  They recently said they noticed a surge in enquiries and felt the brochure helped with gaining credible links.

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Complete Story sell premium Korean cosmetic products throughout Asia. They approached The Soot Yard Design Studio to create a brochure design for a new facial range they were due to launch in 2016.

The company wanted a clean layout, using a lot of white space and pink tones. The brochure needed to represent a clinical brand and was focused to target a the higher-end malls with premium products. We captured the steps to using their products properly within the layout.

The company have since launched their product range, and are continuing to work with us to develop a new and exciting series for their 2016 launch.

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ProFlex Gold Gift Set

ProFlex Gold launched their new product Whey protein across Thailand in 2015 with great success. The branding of the tubs were also created by us at The Soot Yard Design Studio. To compliment their product they decided to roll out gift boxes accompanied by promotional leaflets.

The box needed a custom packaging design and dye cut, we used our experience and talented team to mock up the product package first with flat card. This allowed us to assemble the mock into a real carry box to test its strength, size and unique look. The product was beautfully designed and it came together perfectly. The locked panels of the bottom enabled the box to securely hold the heavy tub inside. We integrated a window panel to the sides of the box to allow the product visible space.

We also created A5 fliers to accompany the boxes and offer support with promoting the newly marketed products.

The completed designs were created with print production in mind, and like all of our design work – we made sure it was all setup correctly for print. The print production and final mass-box assembly of the product was handled by our sister company Siam Printing Solutions.

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Vivo Coaching

Vivo Coaching help empower and encourage leaders and business managers across Asia. They provide executive coaching to help companies and individuals unlock their full potential.

The company needed a new brochure designed to focus around one of their new leadership courses. The brochure had to be visually aesthetic and make use of vibrant visuals to help reduce bland text paragraphs. The brochure maintained their core brand elements and stayed consistent with colour profiles and corporate visuals.

The completed brochure was used to target corporate businesses and leaders as a sales product for their newly developed leadership course. The finished printed copies were equally as impressive containing UV spot varnishes and a nice thick paper stock which set a great first impression.

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Umai Marketing Material

After a successful launch of their new product ‘Umai’. We were tasked to design a range of supplement marketing materials that would be used with sales agents to sell the new product into Thai supermarkets.

The variety of work involved Flyers, Vinyl Banners, Wall posters and stickers. The designs had to portray the product as previously designed by The Soot Yard Design Studio, and stay consistent to the brands core theme being Japanese inspired. We used a variety of assets to mock up and layout the designs focusing on the product to draw attention.

The designs received a lot of positive feedback and helped push sales of their product into the larger stores.

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Expat UK TV – Asia

Expat UK TV Asia is a leading IPTV service within South-East Asia. After having an outdated site for too long they approached us to create a fully functional eCommerce store which would allow an easier process for sales.

We designed a nice site front, showcasing their service and why they are a leading provider of channel streaming. The core feature of their site was a web store which sold individual packages and various accessories. Expat UK TV Asia wanted to keep track of reporting and update products on a regular basis so we included store analytics functions in order to provide them a better insight into their store.

The company needed further marketing materials in order to better expand their brand. We designed them a Tri-Fold brochure which captivated their service and product advantages.

The campaign was a huge success, and their site is receiving orders on a regular basis from many countries within South-East Asia.

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United Global Agencies

United Global Agencies were in need of a high quality design for a new presentation folder to assist on their client visits. Their business involved the processing and delivery of dairy products

We designed the brochure around their core business values, promoting the operational practice from factory to delivery on the front cover.

The folder contained spot UV varnishes to give it a more luxurious finish, we opted to design the folder in a fresh colour palette that represented healthy goodness. The design was a huge success and we later received a follow up project to design a new presentation folder for their partner businesses.

Sukhumvit Suites Bangkok

Sukhumvit Suites Bangkok is a modern boutique hotel and bar located in the heart of Bangkok. They approached our studio to design them a brand new presentation folder with supplementary promotional sheets to support their services.

We gave the Sukhumvit Suites a luxurious, classic theme and incorporated their black and white brand scheme heavily throughout. The folders had areas of spot UV varnish which helped boost its appearance and provided a beautiful finish.