Pixel Nomad Logo

Pixel Nomad Photography is the new alias name adopoted by California born professional photographer David Kennar.

David was in need of a brand refresh, to better promote his photography work overseas here in the Asia Pacific. He came to us to help achieve his goal and was hugely satisfied with the end result. We focused on utilising the pixel element as much as possible and came up with a variety of samples to which we then narrowed down a completed version which made use of the X from ‘Pixel’ as a core icon in itself. We trialled colour schemes on light and dark backdrops and experimented with using gradient and flat colour versions.

The final logo will be used among his printed photography, website portfolio and future marketing material.

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Actochem Bangkok

Actochem Bangkok is a partner business within the UGA group. Their company involves Activating Clay which includes the refining and de-colorisation of vegetable oils.

Actochem Bangkok needed a high quality presentation folder to better assist in selling their products. We designed the cover to include the variety of services they offer and the information section in the centre to highlight their core values.

The design received a lot of positive feedback and their business generated a lot of future work from our beautifully presented brochure.

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DeliShop and Cargolink Office Displays

Delishop and CargoLink Express expanded their businesses into Thailand in 2015. They share an office in Bangkok’s business district. As part of their new office extension, they wanted to privatise their working space and advertise on their large window space. They approached The Soot Yard to design a unique display that would completely cover their windows but still advertise their brand and services.

We focused on sharing the space between the two businesses and gave equal amount to each. Using brand assets we designed a colourful, vibrant window display that promoted their core services to Thailand.

The completed designs were created with print production in mind, and like all of our design work – we made sure it was all setup correctly for print. The print production and attachment of the vinyl was handled by our sister company Siam Printing Solutions.

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Proflex Gold Thailand

ProFex Gold Thailand is a brand new product launching in Asia that will aim to target the senior citizen market.

We were challenged to design a large tub label, that will be visible in store and available for purchasing. The label needed to attract seniors and represent healthy living and active lifestyles.

The design received a lot of positive feedback and the product is a top seller within its sector.

Brotzeit Bangkok

Brotzeit Bangkok is an Asian owned brewery famous for focused German beers and Bavarian cuisine. They opened up a new branch within the trendy Thong Lo area of Bangkok and needed assistance in their wall art.

Brotzeit Bangkok have a brand identity already, however, their walls in the new contained unique measurements and they needed new wallpaper containing their branded characters and landmarks to be designed and printed.

We measured up each wall and created a large canvas with which to work from digitally. We needed to incorporate landmarks of Bangkok specifically in the same style as their character designs. For this we focused on transportation and the skyline of Bangkok.

The finished design was a fantastic success and is still sitting pretty on their walls in Thonglor.

ProFlex HULK Mass Gainer

ProFlex are a part of Power Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and they are one of Thailand’s leading companies specialising in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of health and sports-related dietary supplements.

Power Corp needed a new design for a new mass gaining product. The product was finally named ‘HULK’ and we were tasked with creating a label for the product tub which needed to incorporate a strong and edgy design with playful, bold typography. The theme we designed had to make it a standalone product on the shelf when being compared to its competitors.

The product itself had both chocolate and vanilla flavoured whey ingredients so we had to design alternative labels to match them flavours.

Today, “ProFlex” is one of the select few brands that dominate the Health Supplement industry in Thailand. “ProFlex” has continually set the standards for excellence in both product performance and consumer satisfaction.

Umai Sweetened Condensed Creamer

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Double Dee Co., Ltd. is a conglomerate of fast growing customer focused companies.

Double Dee contacted SPS Design Studio to help brand a new product they recently launched in Vietnam. The product is a Sweetened Condensed non-dairy Creamer and our brief was to focus on Japanese influenced design with a modern presentation. We were also trusted with the task to brainstorm suitable name choices for the product.

We came up with the name Umai Sweetened Condensed Creamer and designed a variety of visuals that represented a Japanese theme with the use of Mount Fuji, Bonsai trees and cherry blossom trees. The colours we opted for was a gold/creme and green base making way for a very clean and warm feeling associated with the brand.

The product was a fantastic success, and is now sitting in supermarkets all over Vietnam available for purchase.


Cozy Place Bangkok

Cozy place Bangkok is a small boutique hotel in a busy hotspot of Bangkok.

We challenged ourselves to create a new brand Identity for them and offer a full presentation of media. The brand was a fun and interesting project, influenced by hedonistic thought and a relaxed atmosphere the perfect logo was formed to represent them.

We offered a range of stationary, books and hand-out leaflets to fulfil an all-round design package.




Hansaah Guesthouse Bangkok

business card design bangkok

Hansaah guesthouse Bangkok is a small B&B located in a thriving hotspot in the middle of Bangkok, close to Lumphini Park.

We challenged ourselves to create a new brand Identity for based on their slogan ‘a haven of rest in the middle of buzzing Bangkok’.

The guesthouse is small but very modern and clean. The Soot Yard Design Studio felt the need to use a modern typeface with hard edges to portray a clean and clinical guesthouse, which represented a chic and modern clientele in a vibrant Bangkok.

Food for thought thailand

Food for Thought Thailand is a new business venture aimed at delivering fresh food and goods daily to the residents in Bangkok. Their long term plan is to expand this service into regions all over Thailand.

They appointed The Soot Yard Design Studio to define and create a brand for their delivery business, and produce ideas for various packaging and marketing materials.

We worked closely with the company owner to form a design that was modern, clean and playful. Their aim was to have their logos printed on the many delivery vans throughout Bangkok, making their brand easily recognisable.

They opted to make use of the acronyms ‘FfT’ to help represent the brand within their logo.

To operate the business they needed a fully functional eCommerce website capable of handling the fresh food orders daily. We understood their concept and came up with a responsive website using their brand colours to create a CMS website. (website currently under construction)