Asia Online Roll-up Banner

Asia Online are one of the largest producers of translation machine products. Their language studio system helps unlock the world’s content through their expansive product base.

The company worked with to The Soot Yard Design Studio to help create some new marketing banners for a European events exhibition. We decided to focus on theming the banners to highlight actual testimonials from their existing customers. Rather than display features and benefits, we pinpointed customer feedback to convey the trust in the product, and that this strategy would help sell itself. The banners drew in large curiosity which helped gain valuable relationships throughout the exhibition.

*The company have recently gone through a transition and changed their name to Omniscien Technologies.

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Umai Marketing Material

After a successful launch of their new product ‘Umai’. We were tasked to design a range of supplement marketing materials that would be used with sales agents to sell the new product into Thai supermarkets.

The variety of work involved Flyers, Vinyl Banners, Wall posters and stickers. The designs had to portray the product as previously designed by The Soot Yard Design Studio, and stay consistent to the brands core theme being Japanese inspired. We used a variety of assets to mock up and layout the designs focusing on the product to draw attention.

The designs received a lot of positive feedback and helped push sales of their product into the larger stores.

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Next Step Connections

Next Step Connections are a company that specialises in Asian internships and gap year work experience. They have offices all over Asia and also in the west.

They needed print products and promotional materials to generate further interest in the Thailand community. We created an interesting brochure that was fun and factual at the same time. The brochure contained key information from their content material and we designed around this to feature elements of student activity and to show engagement of the work experience.


Maselli Asia

Maselli Asia were established in 2005 under their parent company which was founded in 1948. Maselli Asia we specialise in sales and service of Process Analytical Instrumentation and Inspection Systems worldwide.

The Soot Yard Design Studio were appointed to design a product magazine and other exhibition marketing products such as roll-up banners.

The Maselli Asia product magazine featured new products and a company profile, we produced a clean and clinical layout to showcase each product clearly. Using brand elements and colour schemes we also produced roll-up banners to help promote their new products across Asia.