Versapers Juice

Project Description

Versapers are a new international juicing brand. They will sell home made juices in a variety of flavours from their home town of Holland all over Europe.

Versapers needed a custom box designed which would allow 6 bottles of juice to be held in one box crate. The crate would also have a side attachment box with 24 bottle caps and labels in allowing customers to custom buy their own juices.

The project was very challenging as we had to utilise our experience of product design which had to stay practical and work safely, whilst keeping a modern, creative theme to the brand.

We formed a variety of dye-cut designs and finally created a crate which was flat-packed and could be opened out to form the carry-case containing all the bottles. With the side attachment we constructed a way of attaching it using 2 latches which would hook over the end of the crate. The project required a lot of trial and error working alongside the print house to make sure it was a lasting and well constructed product box able to handle its job efficiently.

Project Details
Date September 15, 2014
Client:Versapers - The juice revolution