ProFlex Whey Website

Project Description

ProFlex Whey continue their ongoing working relationship with our studio to create a brand new website for their range of products.

The company currently offer a series of Whey products targeting a varied audience, they wanted a website that would be home to all their products. The site needed to represent each product accordingly to their target market and so each page was required to be designed around a specific theme to highlight that product. Each product also needed specific data related to them, such as their ingredient list and serving suggestions, this proved challenging as there was a lot of information related to each individual product and so containing it all neatly needed careful planning. We decided to set out and use tabbed tables, this way the information displayed wouldn’t distract users from the flow of the site, and instead only display what they wish to see piece-by-piece.

The website also contained a lot of animated sliders which we creatively constructed to showcase their product range and themes.

The site was a successful hit, and it currently being promoted throughout Thailand. The website has received some positive feedback among clients and customers alike.

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Project Details
Date July 6, 2016
Client:Power Corporation