ProFlex Single-Serve Labels

Project Description

ProFlex Whey Thailand recently launched ‘single-serve’ taster samples of their full Whey product range across stores in Thailand. Their current 5lb tubs may be too large of volume to purchase in one go to the average fitness athlete, so to allow the customers a taster to their Whey shakes, they launched these bottles nationwide. They once again used our services to design and produce the bottle labels for displaying their new concept.

We had to work on and tweak existing designs so that we could fit in the most important information of the product within such a small area. Visuals were key in attracting the customer to purchase these small sample bottles, we focused on large bold text and vibrant colours to make them stand out among the larger tubs.

The bottles were launched successfully and as a result ProFlex has noted higher sales growth within their whole product range.

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Project Details
Date July 2, 2015
Client:ProFlex Whey