ProFlex HULK Mass Gainer

Project Description

ProFlex are a part of Power Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and they are one of Thailand’s leading companies specialising in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of health and sports-related dietary supplements.

Power Corp needed a new design for a new mass gaining product. The product was finally named ‘HULK’ and we were tasked with creating a label for the product tub which needed to incorporate a strong and edgy design with playful, bold typography. The theme we designed had to make it a standalone product on the shelf when being compared to its competitors.

The product itself had both chocolate and vanilla flavoured whey ingredients so we had to design alternative labels to match them flavours.

Today, “ProFlex” is one of the select few brands that dominate the Health Supplement industry in Thailand. “ProFlex” has continually set the standards for excellence in both product performance and consumer satisfaction.

Project Details
Date September 15, 2014
Client:ProFlex Whey