ProFlex Gold Gift Set

Project Description

ProFlex Gold launched their new product Whey protein across Thailand in 2015 with great success. The branding of the tubs were also created by us at The Soot Yard Design Studio. To compliment their product they decided to roll out gift boxes accompanied by promotional leaflets.

The box needed a custom packaging design and dye cut, we used our experience and talented team to mock up the product package first with flat card. This allowed us to assemble the mock into a real carry box to test its strength, size and unique look. The product was beautfully designed and it came together perfectly. The locked panels of the bottom enabled the box to securely hold the heavy tub inside. We integrated a window panel to the sides of the box to allow the product visible space.

We also created A5 fliers to accompany the boxes and offer support with promoting the newly marketed products.

The completed designs were created with print production in mind, and like all of our design work – we made sure it was all setup correctly for print. The print production and final mass-box assembly of the product was handled by our sister company Siam Printing Solutions.

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Project Details
Date May 7, 2015
Client:Proflex Gold