Expat UK TV – Asia

Project Description

Expat UK TV Asia is a leading IPTV service within South-East Asia. After having an outdated site for too long they approached us to create a fully functional eCommerce store which would allow an easier process for sales.

We designed a nice site front, showcasing their service and why they are a leading provider of channel streaming. The core feature of their site was a web store which sold individual packages and various accessories. Expat UK TV Asia wanted to keep track of reporting and update products on a regular basis so we included store analytics functions in order to provide them a better insight into their store.

The company needed further marketing materials in order to better expand their brand. We designed them a Tri-Fold brochure which captivated their service and product advantages.

The campaign was a huge success, and their site is receiving orders on a regular basis from many countries within South-East Asia.

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Project Details
Date February 6, 2015
Client:Expat UK TV