DeliShop and Cargolink Office Displays

Project Description

Delishop and CargoLink Express expanded their businesses into Thailand in 2015. They share an office in Bangkok’s business district. As part of their new office extension, they wanted to privatise their working space and advertise on their large window space. They approached The Soot Yard to design a unique display that would completely cover their windows but still advertise their brand and services.

We focused on sharing the space between the two businesses and gave equal amount to each. Using brand assets we designed a colourful, vibrant window display that promoted their core services to Thailand.

The completed designs were created with print production in mind, and like all of our design work – we made sure it was all setup correctly for print. The print production and attachment of the vinyl was handled by our sister company Siam Printing Solutions.

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Project Details
Date April 23, 2015
Client:Cargo Link Express Co., Ltd.