Project Description

Building Blocs produce and distribute a wall panel for construction that reduces any need for mainstream brick builds. The panels are lighter, stronger and faster to construct.

The company were in need of a brochure to promote their product across an international market, the brochure had to include a clean and modern layout using key images to express the benefits of the product. The target was to reach out to premium clientele that would benefit from importing their wall panels and utilising them on a daily basis.

We incorporated their brand theme, using green tones and typography styles that suited bold header titles with easy-to-read body copy. The clean white, cream and green themes produced a nice blend of modern design with spacious page layouts.  Once the brochure was approved, we managed all of the print production. We advised for a print on a high quality paper stock, which aided to complete a premium feel and identity of the product.

The company are using the brochures in multiple trade fares and exhibitions throughout Asia to great success.  They recently said they noticed a surge in enquiries and felt the brochure helped with gaining credible links.

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Project Details
Date April 7, 2016