Bangkok Product design

Selling your products in a highly competitive market is a tough challenge. The first thing a customer sees is the design, the visuals of this sell the product and provides a message to the customer. These visuals can make or break your market share, you need to stand out from your competitors and create a high impact on first impression.

You can feel comfortable with our Bangkok product design, SPS Design Studio has an extensive amount of experience when designing for product and packaging. Continue reading for an in-depth look into some of our project work.

Case Study: Hulk Mass Gainer

Brief: Design a product label for a whey protein shake aimed towards fit Thai males who work out on a regular basis.

We were briefed to create a Vanilla and Chocolate flavour design that stood out on the shelf in stores. We designed a nice impactful title that emphasised energy and power and sat against a fast paced backdrop.


The final label design was approved and made to wrap a 5lb tub, the product is due to roll out in 2015 across stores nationwide. We used red for Chocolate and Blue to represent Vanilla.



Case Study: Umai Sweet Milk Condensed Creamer

Brief: Design a label wrap for a new milk condensed creamer to be launched in Vietnam.

Bangkok product design is vital for your branding, this project we were asked to incorporate a Japanese theme with the design. We also had to think of a suitable name and so decided on Umai – meaning delicious in Japanese. The design had a mixture of Japanese influence and supported the style of typography used.


The final design used a clean cream with green mix, the label had a lot of positive feedback and the product is now a leading product in its industry within Vietnam. Our success in this work led us onto our next project with the same company.


Case Study: ProFlex Gold 

Brief: Design a whey protein shake that was purely aimed at the senior market within Thailand

Following on from ‘Hulk’, we were tasked with designing a new label but this time purely aimed at over 50’s seniors who are actively looking to support their healthy lifestyle. Our visuals needed to incorporate a classic gold feeling, clean and clinical layout with a fresh feel that would attract elderly seniors to purchase. We also included supporting subtle images of Seniors enjoying their healthy lifestyle within the designs, this helped boost target market attraction.


The final design is now in production with the label due for release across Thailand nationwide in 2015. To find out how we can help assist you in your product design, contact us today.